Meet The Crew

Mandy Morrow 

I was Cabin Crew for 23 years and in addition to being the Crew Radio Creator I’m also an award winning Radio Presenter. 

On New Years Day 22 years ago I fell into radio quite by accident.  A Journalist pal, having written a play to be broadcast for Hanukkah, desperately needed a replacement actor. He pleaded with me to step into the paws of a mother cat!  During the delicate (in more ways than one) recording, the station manager popped by and commented that I was the cat's whiskers, much to my pals annoyance. That kickstarted what has become the love of my life.  


To be honest 12 year old Mandy had already discovered  a talent for impromptu performances with a turntable and cans! No surprises there!

I will be bringing you The Maury's Mixtape and Latin Fever!

Pablo Requejo 

I am originally from Spain and I flew for 19 years before hanging up my wings last year. 


Radio has always been my love and passion and as such I achieved a Diploma from the London Academy of Television and Radio and completed a Voice Production course from City Lits. In the UK, I have presented features and recorded voiceovers for BEN TV, Pearson and Sony - something which was exciting  to be part of and fuelled my passion on the media front.


I started in Spanish radio 30 years ago working for different stations and I have continued doing voiceovers and media features ever since.


My “Weird and Wonderful World” show is one hour of guilty pleasure packed with colourful characters, incredible stories and truly global music.  Sunset Landings is a chilled out show for all those serious music fans out there. 


They say ‘You’re never too young’ and those words ring true for me.


At the age of 9 I got my first Dj gig. My Dad pushed me in front of the turntables to select whilst he and the other grown up folk partied the night away. From there, the Dj dye was cast.

As a teen I set up my own sound system, a right of passage for any Dj in the 80s.


Regular stints on the party circuit followed with a chance to join the original Fresh FM team. Two years of unforgettable memories and fun followed.

When Fresh Fm closed in 1989 I returned to the club scene, then in 1994 a behind the scenes opportunity in radio  presented itself which resulted in me producing an Award winning show for Sheba


2015 saw me return to relaunched Fresh FM where I presented one of the most popular shows on the station before leaving to produce my own podcast show on Mixcloud.

Having been crew for many years I look forward to contributing to Crew radio

Becci Tucker 

I started my flying career in 1997. 


Aside from travel and playing tennis, I have always had an interest in Mental Health and Emotional Well Being.

I am passionate about how the mind works and what makes us tick or not!

I am an Integrative Counsellor, which means that I am able to integrate different modalities into the therapy and am registered with the British Association of Counsellors and Psychotherapists.

I am a First Aid for Mental Health trainer and strongly believe and advocate for ensuring Mental Health First Aiders are made compulsory within the workplace.


I am really looking forward to sharing this information on how we can develop different techniques to help ourselves in difficult times,  interviewing guests that work in Mental Health and also welcoming your queries and questions .

Screenshot 2020-06-21 at 11.53.48 AM.png

Nick Dawes 

I’m originally from Kent, UK but was shipped out to Australia aged 4 and grew up there.  I’m still proudly British though!

I have family in Australia including the apple of my eye, my daughter! 

I’ve worked for a middle Eastern airline for 9 years and work in the premium cabin. 


I love the job for the travel of course, getting to places full of culture and history especially. I am also partial to a good beach and some shopping now and then. 


My passion for my job has also inspired me to set up a side business selling crew related products, e.g. passport covers, notebooks, mugs, t-shirts etc..

Sarah Marina 

Welcome to my Rock ‘n’ Roll Carousel!


My show will take you for a spin back through the 1950s & early 1960s with classic hits from artists such as Elvis Presley, Little Richard, Jackie Wilson and Bill Haley & The Comets. 


As well as Rock ‘n’ Roll, I will be bringing you music from the eras of Doo Wop, Swing, Rockabilly, RnB and even a little Electro Swing bringing it back to modern day vintage. 

When I’m not DJing at London clubs, or jiving at retro events and dance festivals across the UK, you’ll find me travelling the world as Cabin Crew. 

Over the past five years I’ve found some amazing vintage bars across the globe from Aberdeen to Australia, Tokyo to Thailand, and of course the USA where these styles of music originated. 

So, grab your Blue Suede Shoes and Let the Good Times Roll on the Rock ‘n’ Roll Carousel!


Jarl Haugedel 

I started my flying career in my 20s, although discovered quite early on that I have a contagious entrepreneurial spirit boosted by enough energy to light up a radio station!


I was extremely fortunate to have been cast to host the 2010 Eurovision contest Big 4, Mr Gay World USA pageants, Next American Gay and to promote ongoing celebrity shows. I fully endorse LGBTQ both as an Activist and Advocate.

I have a passion for helping everyone I meet, whether on a personal or business level, reach their true potential to promote and market themselves accordingly.

Join me on my 'Euro Stoop talk from NYC show' where I'll be bringing you gossip from Eurovision and the Big Apple too! 

I definitely live by the mantras “the future is FULL of possibilities and variety is the spice of life!”…Enjoy the Moment!

Si Dibdin 

Hi Simon here!  I’ve been flying 31 years. 


When I was a lad my big brother and I discovered an old record player/radio at a jumble sale and we excitedly purchased it along with a massive box of 45s.  For someone who had grown up happily listening to my parents music which included Classical, Big Band and the Beatles I suddenly discovered the world of Elvis, Sam Cooke and Otis Redding! As the player warmed up and gave off a dusty valve smell we would delight in listening to those legends of Rock and Soul!


Over the years, like so many people  I tuned in late at night to Radio Luxembourg and Radio Caroline.


 I went through the '70s rock and punk era and 80s synth pop but I always came back to the place where my heart was - my real passion - Soul music. 


I am looking forward to sharing with you my lifetime collection interspersed with new releases.


Holly Dibdin 

My name is Holly Dibdin and both my Mum and Dad have both been Cabin Crew for over 30 years. You could say that Flying is in my DNA and I am no stranger to Staff Travel.

My love of music, of all genres and styles, comes mainly from my Dad. He would always have music on in the house or in the car and he always encouraged my brothers, sister and I to appreciate music.

I first discovered Country Music when my Dad took me with him on a trip to Nashville. The buzz of Broadway, the lights, the atmosphere and the many country bands playing live just had me hooked. The more I listened the more I understood it and the many stories and tales the songs tell.

I want to share with you those tunes, melodies and stories and the unique sound that is Country.


Steve Chambers 

I worked for British Airways for 34 years and retired in 2006. I loved flying and have missed working with a great bunch of people!


When the opportunity came up to be part of this really exciting concept – Crew Radio – I did not hesitate to accept as I truly believe in Mandy’s vision for this station.


I joined hospital Radio Wey, when I retired and had 13 years both as a Presenter and Outside Broadcast Coordinator.  A house move was the only reason for giving this up… I have also been successful in voiceover work over the years.


I’m really looking forward to presenting my “In the Cruise” show which will mainly feature music to soothe, chill and relax to. It might even be the perfect tonic if you are suffering from Jet lag!


Michelle Pound

I have a passion for helping crew to improve their fitness, motivation and wellbeing, offering ways to help de-stress and overcome sleep problems and anxieties.

I have worked with three different airlines spanning 26 years and hung up my “wings” 4 years ago.

I am a qualified Yoga/Pilates Teacher with additional qualifications in alternative therapies such as a Reiki Master, Team Leader for Neals Yard Remedies and a Consultant/Leader for Magnetix Wellness.

I have my own Health and Wellbeing practice in the UK, which I very much enjoy.

The purpose of my show will be underlined with a positive vibe, discussing wellbeing ideas and info to help unwind and relax you. I aim to include guest speakers on alternative health, nutrition, reflexology and beauty etc..

I look forward to connecting with you, wherever you are in the world. 

DJ Luga 

My show, “Trippin Waves” will be a place you come to enjoy my unique blend/mix of many music genres, especially '80’s and '90s, taking you through different waves to reach that final destination.

I’m originally from Argentina, having been a Lawyer, Computer Technician and for the last 9 years, Flight Attendant. 

However, my love of music has always been my main passion – mixing my first tracks 20 years ago and in the latter years, producing.  This helped me to identify even tiny elements that make a track a trippy one!


I play in clubs, on radio shows and for private audiences. I've watched my reputation grow, as people started to identify with and enjoy DJ Luga’s spins!

Every set I make is a trip. One where you don't know where you are going but you don’t wanna leave!


Ivan Jackson

I flew for 31 years. The last five years with the airline I was drawn into the world of community radio.


I am now head of production at BCfm93.2 in Bristol and produce and co-present the Award winning weekday ‘One Love Breakfast Show’ and also my own programme Showtime (which is the show you will hear on Crew Radio) dedicated to music and news from the world of theatre, film and TV.  


You can catch me regularly on BBC Radio Bristol. and BBC Somerset where I co -produce and co-present a weekly highlights show from BCfm 


Ellie Ashman 

I’ve been flying for five years and I love it!

Since I was a child Radio has been a passion of mine. 

In 2019, I finally took the leap into getting my voice into broadcasting - something I had never done before and my oh my - I have ignited a fire within me! 

My Radio experience includes being a new voice for the BBC and a frequent guest on their local radio stations.

Tune in and join me on my weekly show ‘Air Time’  on Crew Radio each week.

I will be chatting to some exciting guests, both passengers and crew from around the world and included in these 'interviews'  we will be playing some songs they have chosen themselves and why…

All this, sprinkled with fun and banter to enhance your positive vibes!”


Laurence C

The Global Get Down is a new world music show hosted by me, Laurence C. 


My love of World Music comes from my parents, whose record player introduced me to African beats, Rocksteady rhythms and Ska. As the third generation to work for an airline, my career follows in their footsteps too, but I chose to serve on planes rather than fix them. This became my ticket to gigs, parties and carnivals all over the world, and my globe-spanning playlists are compiled from the tracks I've gathered along the way. 



I've been collecting records all my life. Now it's time to dust off some of my favourites, and explore the stories behind them. The Global Get Down will take you on an eclectic musical journey to all corners of our beautiful planet, transporting you through time, space and genre.


I'm so excited to share these wonderful sounds with you on Crew Radio.

Andy Britten 

When Mandy first told me about her Crew Radio project I was immediately sold on the idea. Even though I’m not crew I knew I wanted to be involved.

My background is in finance and risk management - looking after small businesses. I’ll be dealing with the same for the station and other admin. 

After 29-years with my last employer I was made redundant in 2020 so I feel I can relate to the uncertainties being faced by crew during these unprecedented times. 

Whilst I might be a finance man, my passion is music. My music collection stretches to thousands of albums. I play saxophone and am a student of maestro saxophonist Snake Davis (M People and soloist on Take That’s ‘A Million Love Songs'). I'd like to think I’m a half decent musician but maybe I’m biased!

I hope you enjoy Crew Radio’s exciting and diverse programmes. 

I’m proud to be part of the Crew Radio family.


DJ Gracie

Although not Cabin Crew, I’d like to think I can take my listeners on a Journey of my own with my Dance Party Show.


Radio is something I’m very passionate about as it’s inclusive, anyone and everyone is welcome and the joy it brings me to share my happy upbeat vibes each week is immense.


I have carried my passion for music through my life. Starting in school bands playing the flute, then progressing into DJing in my 20s. Now in my 30s I’m enjoying entertaining through music at festivals, events, bars and on the radio.


Come join me and let’s go on this journey together.


DJ Gracie