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A hair raising take off in 2020

Updated: May 28, 2021

2020 is not a year we will forget in a hurry. Whilst the world locked down and the conversation became Covid 19 fixated it went largely unnoticed that scientists at the US National Science Foundation had found at least 11 fish who could actually walk on land! But then who knew we would find so many Octogenarians who could whip our arses at zoom quiz night or that your 0’ Level art class would come in handy for whiling away the hours under house arrest?

2020 was the year that Crew Radio launched. If you had asked me if I would be leaving flying at the beginning of 2020 I would have laughed you right out of the briefing room! However, starting a crew radio station had been in development since 2019. The pandemic expedited the project.

The station was launched by 16 current and former Cabin Crew, all from different airlines, from BA and United to Emirates. We were fortunate to have the backing of former Banker Andy Britten whose contribution has been invaluable. Andy says ‘With all the challenges faced in 2020 which included being made redundant, getting involved with Crew Radio not only helped me focus on positive matters but also gave me renewed purpose. It is one of the best things I’ve ever done’.

Collecting a team of international cabin crew was certainly challenging but also extremely exciting. Those early zoom meetings saw us in various states of alertness, given the time differences! Lucas Sajkiewicz otherwise known as DJ Luga, an Argentinian Crew Member based in the Middle East got the tip from his ex flatmate Nick Dawes also a Presenter. He was already a well established Dj, having provided mixes to other stations and having his own Youtube channel but he says he was ‘happy to be part of the team from Day 1’

Uniquely the station encompasses a myriad of genres from Country to Club music and also mental health, travel and wellbeing shows. Tricky who presents ‘A Groove Thang’ which airs on a Sunday and Wednesday nights was also an award winning Dj and Producer. He said ‘It’s been one of the better things to come out of 2020 and I am honoured to have been asked to join the team. He also encourages “budding presenters out there wondering if they should take the leap, come join us, it will most definitely be a positive in your life”.

The commitment is to producing one show a week, either of one or two hour duration, live or recorded. In a year of lockdown it has been a godsend to have something to focus on apart from mainstream media. But there is something else, it’s not just presenters we need, social media and business focused minds are welcome too”. Lauren Hill has just joined the station fresh out of Leeds University. She was taken on initially as a social media and reach helper and admits to being so excited. Now we are in the middle of planning her own show! She says “Crew Radio has an intimacy with their listeners that commercial radio stations sometimes lack, but I’d say such intimacy is key to great radio”

As our horizons broaden, we have lifted the requirement for all our presenters to be crew. We are happy to consider presenters who have an open and outwardly focused attitude to the world. Lauren like Holly are the daughters of Crew members and so they understand the lifestyle and the attitude to travel as a way of life.

It’s been one of the toughest years to launch a business, not least because the energy needed to raise spirits in such challenging times has been enormous. As we see the gradual opening up of society our shows will get an extra layer of oomph which comes from the easing of restrictions. More face to face interviews and some live events are planned too.

One of the biggest pluses to giving time to a hobby like Crew Radio is that you can see instant results with gorgeous comments from our listeners such as those made by Denise Farouk a regular listener “Crew Radio keeps us all together as a big family..My bro has been in touch with me through Pablo’s show..we didn't connect for quite a while..its amazing’ and another loyal listener Sunny Kola says “Thanks guys for making me not get too homesick for my former home in the skies. I feel like I'm getting the best of both worlds through you all”

As we approach our first broadcasting birthday the plan is to fill the schedule with more programmes on travel, chat and lifestyle. We are looking for more presenters to join us. If you have some time to spare and would like to learn a new skill and be part of a big friendly team then we would like to hear from you. You do not need experience nor do you need to be crew or live in the UK but you do need to have an outwardly global focus. Also don’t worry if English is not your first language, remember, we are “Radio Without Borders - Crew Radio’

If you are interested in being part of our Crew Radio family then send an email to Mandy for more details.

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