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Flock 'n' Roll

Yes it's the new call to action! We want your company on 9th October. Our first ever live event. Ok so it's not the Albert Hall nor is it the O2 but it is near Heathrow so perfect for those flyers who are based around the corner for the night.

Another reason you might like to think about coming along is because this time last year we were counting down the days until the next lockdown and each one was precious and that might happen again. But who knows what the future holds. Evenings out are so important.

I went along to an evening when Sarah Marina was DJing recently and the floor was full. Granted the crowd was there for the dancing but still it's not often that you get such a young vintage Dj and she is just so enthusiastic about the music she plays.

The evening will include a bar (I have been granted Pub landlady status for the night) and we have some incredibly fab raffle prizes. We are also planning a few treats. So what are you waiting for? Tickets are £10 and parking is available and we have even struck up a deal with The Stanwell Hotel (200 yards away) for a 15% discount on a room.

Coming along will help support us and this brings me to the next point. Staying on air is expensive. So if you like listening to us then help us out here wont you? By the way, if you cannot make it but you would like to buy some raffle tickets for the night then please get in touch on

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