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How to create a radio station in a 1000 not so easy steps...

I wish there had been a Haynes manual for setting up a radio station. It’s not that I was a novice, quite the opposite. But I liken it to a hairdresser from a well known company that my mother used to go to years ago. He never graced the floor with his presence until the various worker bees had a) checked her in for the haircut b) washed and tussle dried her hair c) combed through it and talked a bit about holidays (pre Covid 19 times of course) and d) made her a coffee. Then he would make his entrance through the beaded curtain like the Queen of Sheba. I was a bit like that with radio, I turned up 15 mins before my show was going live, settled into a nice directors chair and pre faded a mic here and there. Try sorting it out from scratch! There have been tears, broken glasses (I'm fiery) and way too much red eye from nights ploughing through computer programmes, licences, websites and schedules.

Here we are just hours away from launch and it doesn’t seem possible that all the work associated with putting together this project has come to fruition. Back in January 2019 it was just an embryo and now it has grown wings and I have been joined by a family of crew broadcasters.

I liken us to the early pirate stations of the 70s, not in the sense of illegality of course but with regards to the creativity. You won't find anything corporate about our image. I make no excuses for that. I wanted it to be organic. I sought out people who have a passion for their individual specialities. So whether you are listening to a show about wellbeing or dipping into music to make your spirit fly you will get a sense that our presenters really love what they do and what's more they understand your lifestyle, because quite simply we are or were all crew.

Welcome onboard ladies and gentlemen. Doors to armed! Destination - Crew Radio! We hope you enjoy your flight with us.

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