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'I Love to bring the party'

I. Who is Dj Gracie

I am a festival and events Dj based in Essex. A lover of music and I have a great passion for entertaining via music. 2. How did you get your musical taste?

My Dad was a DJ and is a massive music addict. Growing up I was the same - very musically minded and music focused. I play the flute and have been in bands, I'd like to say I love all music, and am especially fascinated by the genres and sub genres there are to enjoy these days. My music taste has grown massively over the last 5 years and I'd like to think it will constantly expand forever. 3. Do you think people treat you differently because you are a female DJ? Yes definitely and very frustratingly. I feel women DJs are seen as less capable to entertain and 'bring the party'. Its definitely not the case.

4. What is the biggest event you have Dj'd at? Goatfest whoop whoop, however Cream fields is on my agenda (i'm hoping one day I'll get to DJ there) 5. Glastonbury in the mud or Ibiza in the sun? Glasto in the mud every time!

6. Who would you like to sit next to on a plane and why? No one in particular but definitely someone who could natter along with me for the whole of the journey (hope it's not a night flight - Ed)

7. Yorkshire tea or a continental coffee? Yorkshire tea, I'm powered by Yorkshire tea 8. If there were no restrictions and money was no object where would you go and with who? I would take everyone I know and love to Lapland for the whole of December. Christmas is my favourite time of year! 9. One track that brings it every time Oh goodness there are so many but one that never fails to make me feel so many different emotions is Don Diablo and Birdy's 'Keeping your head up', it totally bangs but has an underlying feeling of warmth- it's beautiful

10. What can we expect on your Dance Party show?

Happy, energetic, yet emotive tracks, I love to bring the party but also love for my listeners to feel the vibes and emotions of the tracks I've selected and my throught process in choosing each track. Track selection is very important to me as I feel any radio show is like a journey - you know where you want to be at the end and want to enjoy it whilst getting there. I hope my listeners can get to know me and feel my passion for music.

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