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Leaping across a ravine of fear

Since Covid 19 visited this world many of us have been gripped by fear. Life has changed forever. Shall I tell you what I have learnt about fear? She never comes alone. Instead the gift if you choose to accept the challenge is a huge leap in confidence. The empowerment that one gets from facing the fear and doing it anyway is immense.

Throughout this lockdown I have been putting together a radio station and there have been times when I have wanted to throw in the towel. It has been incredibly stressful and not just for me but my team too. I am proud of them, they have jumped many hurdles and given their absolute loyalty and focus despite being in the eye of the storm. For those who have still carried on flying they have been in a sort of twilight zone fraught with worry for the future and stress connected with personal safety. For others, who have been furloughed we have waited and observed our jobs changing and disappearing. Despite the difficulty they have done it and we now present our offering to you dear crews....

It's a labour of love, a sharing of knowledge and a huge crew hug from your colleagues. Keep Calm and listen to crew radio!

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