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Prepare for take off, Destination Health!

Updated: Aug 5, 2021

Ex Flight Attendant and now Health Coach Steph McCann is joining us so we have asked her to step into First Class (Upper Class for all you Virgin Atlantic lot out there) and have a little chat about who she is and what she will be bringing to Crew Radio.

Hey, Steph. Good to have you onboard here at Crew Radio. Before we go any further can we get you a drink from the bar?

Yes please, Vodka, Lime and Soda, lots of ice! Thrilled to be part of the Crew Radio gang!

How long were you a flight attendant for?

All in all 26 years with a short break between Britannia Airways and British Airways.

Where were you based?

London Gatwick affectionately known as Gatters! Great base!

I suppose we should ask if you liked making announcements onboard? Did you use the script or ad lib?

Initially as a young member of the crew, no, however, as I progressed up the ranks it became second nature. I’d pretty much ad lib (thanks to losing my PA book one day) unless I ever had to read the safety demo!

When did you leave flying?

August 2020

What made you grab your parachute and jump?

I’d become very interested in becoming healthier and elected to become formally educated as a Health Coach to be able to share my knowledge. I had considered combining both careers but my instinct was “feel the fear and do it anyway!”

What do you do now?

I’m a practising naturopathic Health Coach and soon to be qualified in Indian Head Massage, also.

You sat on the Jump seat with our Becci a few weeks ago and talked about the menopause. Is this a big subject for you? Why?

Yes, it was great to chat to Becci! I’m now the big 5-oh so it is an important transition - not all bad though! Learning to understand what’s going and appreciating that the experience is different for everyone is essential. Dropping the taboo aspect around the subject is key and I’m pleased to be able to steer women in the right direction to help manage this change.

If we presented you with a menu now what would you opt to eat?

Now there’s a question! - Scottish Scallops, Thai Green Curry followed by Cranachan which is a delicious Scottish dessert! ….yes, I’m Scottish!

If people listen into your show what can they expect?

Interesting conversations with health-focussed people and professionals, helpful and inspiring information to help people live better with a backdrop of uplifting and chill-out tunes - my guilty pleasure!

Favourite place in the world and why?

I simply cannot pin it to one! Too many great memories in too many places but I’m a sucker for scenery and countryside so South Africa, Canada, and Scotland have all stolen my heart a little. I’ll never forget sitting in the Silo Hotel at the Waterfront in Cape Town looking across to Table Mountain and thinking “Wow! How small are we?” - just breathtaking. Good times.

Time for another drink before landing? :-)

Want to check her out before listening to the show? Go to

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