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Updated: Feb 12

As I am sat here in my living room on a Friday night listening to DJ Luga with his awesome show Trippin Waves, I pinch myself and ask the question "are we really still here one and a half years later"? We created this truly magnificent radio station and I am not even going to apologise for being that big headed!

Surely radio stations are created by radio Geeks (well ok so I am a bit) or by huge conglomerates with money to chuck into the mix, no? Surely not an ex stewardess with her redundancy money and a keen interest in broadcasting, gleaned from years in community radio?

When I get emails in from listeners thanking us and telling me that they made it through the lockdown with Crew Radio by their side I feel chuffed, because I know we did the hardest thing any new business could do and that is to set up whilst the world was in a huge depression.

You cannot imagine how hard it was for us to be upbeat when we felt like you, struggling through those worrying and very miserable times. When other forms of media were running 24 hour bulletins on the pandemic we were doing quizzes, feel-good music, mental health and wellness shows.

That is why I have to pinch myself. It is a bloody awesome achievement. To trial radio platforms (5 I think we did eh Pablo) to get all our licences and deal with the reams of paperwork both technical and legal (thanks Andy) then design a brand and source merchandise, get jingles and promos made by professional companies and collect together a team of presenters from around the world with frequent zoom meetings etc to co-ordinate. It just blows my mind.

None of it was done alone. Thanks to the awesome team I have by my side, especially the extra hardworking Pablo and Andy.

If you would like to join us we need new presenters but even if you do not want to be on air yourself we do need production Researchers and Marketing and Sales staff.

To those of you who have been with us from July 2020 you know where we started and where we are now. Sending you the love... not just for Valentines but all year!

Thanks for taking the flight with us!

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